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Knives Bring Out The Inner Chef In Us


Knives are the most important tools in our kitchens. It is no secret that good knives enable us to cook very well. It is essential that you pick the best knives for you. When we have a good set of knives and if it is maintained properly, it brings out the best in us when we cook.


There are multiple kinds of knives. Each one is different from each other when it comes to its size, shape, and purpose. Every knife is specially made for a certain job. Listed below are some of the most basic types of knives to guide you.


Pairing knives


These knives are probably the most important and mostly used knives in our kitchen. They maybe small but they help in so many things such as slicing onions, chopping shallots, designing/ shaping cumbers and carrots, and many more. Click here to gain some facts.


Chef knives


Chef knives are the center of attraction when it comes to your knife set. They differ from sizes. These are specially made for many and different kitchen tasks. It is the best knife to master. It is very efficient when it comes to slicing, chopping, and mincing.


Boning knives


The most special part of this knife is it's blade. It is made very tough in order for it to endure all cuts and knocks against the hardest ingredients. It is designed to cut even through bones. If you are cutting meat or even a chicken with bones, this is the perfect tool for the job.


Filleting knives


This knife is designed to have a very thin blade. This is the most unique type of knife. It is very flexible and bendy. It is made this way to live by itsname, it fillets meat and fish very well.


When planning to buy knives, it is very important to remember that they come in various brands and models. Their quality differs from each other. You should never rush buying knives. Take your time to choose the best set for you. You should feel very comfortable when handling them. When you hold the knife at it's base, you should feel the balance.


Always go for the best quality. This will save you more money and time in the long run. Choose the most durable set out there. It should be made of forged steel. It is best to avoid knives that is too thick, this only means that the blades are poor in quality.


A good set of knives will certainly make a huge difference when you are in the kitchen. Because of the fact that we use these tools every single day, it is very important to take good care of them. Here are some tips on how to keep your knives in good condition.


*It is best to wash your knives using cold water, hot water can dull the blade,

*Do not wash your knives in the dish washer.

*Always use a sharpening steel.

*When sharpening your knives, practice sharpening in only one direction with a singular stroke.

*Avoid using electric grinding stones to sharpen your knives


Knives truly bring out the inner chef inside us. It is very important to take good care of them and use them properly. Continue reading for more info